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Fall Foliage
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Lindsay Pierce


Change is the only constant, but it can be painful, lonely, or feel impossible, especially when we're trying to become a different person. Sometimes the people around us struggle to accept those changes. Sometimes they tell us we can't do it. Or sometimes they mean well, but they sabotage us in little ways because they're scared to lose the person we once were.

Or sometimes... we've had to leave our tribe in search of where we truly belong.

As an Embodied Communication Coach, I join people in developing their own authentic voice. Whether it's changing the way they talk to themselves or learning how to communicate what they want and need to others. But it doesn't stop there because talk is not enough! "Embodiment" is the part where we figure out how to make those changes, wants, and needs, happen.

Sound impossible? Or incredibly messy?

I'll argue, it's the most delicious season of all: 


It is a bountiful harvest.


** Your consultation is on me (who doesn't love a freebie? :)


Oh yeah...

I came to the work honest and my lived experiences led me to pursue a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. I have worked for over a decade in social work and mental health, as a Marriage and Family Therapist, and in education. I also currently work at Georgia State University. My bicultural/bilingual experience as a CODA (Child of a Deaf Adult) deeply informs my perspective and I am fluent in American Sign Language. (You can view my full CV of experience and publications here)

I have a lot of creative interests including karaoke, fine tequilas, baking, writing books, video and board games, and graphic design. I am direct, funny, I don't take things personally, and I do cuss quite a bit. I've lived a lot of different lives, from full-timing in a travel trailer to homesteading in Montana to living in the city! I love Atlanta and I live here with my partner, three hairless cats, and potato head dog. 

One-On-One Coaching

I'm here as part of your hype crew and real talk too. I work with increasing self-awareness, positive self-talk, and inner clarity, for those small shifts or massive lifestyle changes. Queer, neurodiverse, or disabled? You are my community.

Partners & Families

I work with families and partnerships looking to improve their communication, prioritizing stress reduction, team building, and clarifying common ground. Start combatting overwhelming chaos today and see how I might support progress.

Coda Mentoring

My program supports Coda connection, identity development, assertive communication skills, and healthy boundaries so they can develop strong selves, step outside family roles (if needed) and lead healthy interdependent lives!

Embodied Counter Communication (ECC)

I provide intercultural communication consultation to organizations and ECC workshops that move participants from passive "good listeners" to embodied communicators—whose better actions can be part of meaningful change within systems of inequity.

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