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However you made through to this day, I'm glad you're here. I specialize in supporting people in discovering all their unique traits and methods of communication--and then figuring out how to make their magic work for them in powerfully authentic and embodied ways. Does that sound impossible? Or maybe just incredibly messy? 

Maybe so, but in my years working as a waitress, social worker, therapist, and educator (still not convinced they're not all somewhat the same thing) I've found that our society is deeply invested in making sure we DON'T know ourselves and that we don't really know each other. Because if we did...

We might treat ourselves, and each other, a whole heck of a lot better than we do right now.


Available Services:

  • Individual and partner/family communication coaching.

  • Organizational, conference, and small-group workshops on Embodied Counter Communication (ECC).

  • Trauma-informed instructional coaching for educators.

  • One-on-one goal or "theme" focused coaching sessions with individuals.

  • Informational seminars, webinars, and community programs.

  • CODA Student Mentoring Program.

My interdisciplinary and international experience spans a decade in social work, mental health, and education. I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and as a CODA/SODA (Child of a Deaf Adult / Sibling) my bicultural background deeply informs my equity action work in education and communication. My roster of experience and passions include topics such as thriving existence as radical resistance, persistence for marginalized students in postsecondary education, LGBTQ+ representation in media, ethical AI development and its use in education and the arts, and the intersections of mental health, education, the arts, and technology. 

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ECC is a holarchy of intercultural attunement, which helps people (especially those who have institutional authority) develop relational and equity action skills as part of communicating effectively across difference. ECC is especially effective in educational settings and in systems with distinct hierarchies.

“When I began working with adolescents in recovery, I learned the intercultural brokerage skills I took for granted growing up as a Coda (Child of a Deaf Adult), allowed me to easily develop instinctively resonant and healing connections with people. Later, in mental health and as an educator, I began to explore ways of shifting theoretical frameworks into active forms of meaningful and embodied communication.”

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